When  Where Why
  Reverse Chronological Order  
September Bekeley, CA CNIS 2007
August Las Vegas, NV DEFCON conference
July Toronto, Canada ICDCS 2007
June San Jose, CA IIT Global Conference
May Bangkok, Calcutta, Bangalore Visiting Universities and Companies
Feb Washington DC NSF Panel
Aug 3-5 Las Vegas, NV DEFCON conference
June 19-20 Wahington DC NSF Panel
May 23-25 Toronto, Canada Microsoft Operating Systems Conference
Feb 22-23 Washington DC NSF Panel
June 6-24 Thailand, India, Japan vacation
May 19-22 Washinton DC IIT Conference
May 5-6 Pittsburgh, PA SEI meeting
April 10-11 Washington DC NSF Panel Review
March 18-20 San Diego, CA
Dec 27-29 Las Cruces, NM
Oct 25-26 Washington DC NSF Panel Review
Sept 14-17 San Francisco, CA PDCS Conference
Sept 11-12 North Rim, Grand Canyon
July 7-20 Chicago, New York, Washington
April 21-23 Arlington, VA NSF Panel Review
Feb 19-20 Los Angeles NSF Worshop on Sensor Networks
Oct 31 Palo Alto, CA consulting
Oct 27 Pittsburgh Workshop on Fault Tolerant Software & Hardware
Oct 4-9 Kaoshiung, Taiwan Present at Wireless Security Workshop
Sept 4-10 Berlin Attend DB-P2P workshop
Aug 4-14 Hawaii (various) vacation
July 27-31 Seattle, WA Microsoft Faculty Summit
July 20-25 Honolulu, HI DARPA PI meetings (DC+FTN)
June 24-27 Las Vegas, NV PDPTA and other Conferences
June 3-7 Syracuse NY AFOSR Meeting
May 19-23 Providence, RI ICDCS-2003
May 11-14 Berkeley, CA IEEE Security and Privacy Symp.
Jan 26-31 San Antonio, TX DARPA PI meetings (DC+FTN)
Jan 10-15 Anaheim, CA http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneylandresort/index
Dec 6-8 Chicago, IL ICDCS Program Committee meeting
Nov 26-Dec 1 Chicago, IL Thanksgiving
Nov 11-14 Washington DC NSF panel
Sept 26-29 Atlanta Attend Mobicom and WiSE
Sept 19-21 New York, NY Site vist by Rome Labs
Sept 16-19 Washington DC Panel on Biometrics (E-Gov)
Aug 11-17 Santa Fe, NM Vacation
Aug 6-9 San Francisco, CA USENIX Security Conference
July 31-Aug 2 Anaheim, CA DARPA-Tech conference
July 28-31 Seattle, WA Microsoft Faculty Summit
July 21-26 Newport, RI DARPA FTN PI meeting
July 19-July 20 Oklahoma City, OK Meeting
July 16-17 Phoenix Jury Duty
July 6-11 Newport, RI DARPA DC PI meeting
July 2 - July 6 Vienna, Austria ICDCS-22
June 29-July 2 Budapest, Hungary Meeting
June 22-24 New York, NY SHAMAN Conference
June 12-17 Home, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff Vacation
June 4-7 Syracuse, NY AFOSR Meeting
May 9-10 Washington DC NSF
March 31-April 3 Washington DC Visit Sponsors
Jan 22-24 San Diego DARPA DC PI meeting
Jan 15-18 San Diego DARPA FTN PI Meeting
Oct 21-24 Lake Louise, Alberta (Canada) SOSP Conference
Oct 2-3 Washington DC AFOSR Kickoff Meeting (cancelled)
Aug 20-21 Denver, CO ITCom Conference 
Aug 2-Aug 5 Mexico Vacation
July 30-July 31 Colorado Spring, CO DARPA FTN PI meeting
July 25-27 Colorado Spring, CO DARPA, Dynamic Coalitions PI meeting
July 23-24 Seattle, WA Microsoft Summit
June  18-21 Rome, NY Collaborative Research with Air Force
June 12-14 Irvine, CA DISCEX-II Conference
May 29-21 Cornell/Ithaca, NY AFOSR meeting
May 22-24 New Orleans,LA DARPA/Quroum PI meeting
May 7-10th New York, NY Research Meetings
April 23 Portland,OR Seminar at Intel
April 16-19 Mesa, AZ (local) ICDCS 2001 (conference)
March 26-30 Seattle, WA conference and research visits
Jan 30-Feb 4 New York, NY Research with Vijay and Zvi
Jan 1-25 Calcutta and Bankok Vacation, prior to sabbatical
Dec 17-19 Bangalore, India High Performance Computing Conference
Nov 21-22 College Station, TX Texas A&M University
Nov 6-9 Las Vegas, NV PDCS Conference
Oct 22-24 San Diego OSDI Conference
Sept 18-21 New York, NY Project Meeting at NYU
Aug 8-10 Las Veags, NV PDCS Conference
Aug 3-4 Seattle, WA USENIX Windows Symposium
July 17-21 Hawaii DARPA Security PI Meeting
June 13-23 Wilderness Vacation 
May 9-11 Seattle, WA DARPA QUORUM PI Meeting
April 10-14 Taipei, Taiwan Present paper at ICDCS-20
Feb 8-10 Alexandria, VA DARPA QUOROM Demo 
Jan 23-27 Hilton Head, South Carolina Attend DARPA DISCEX Conference
Dec 12-15 Kiawah Island, South Carolina Attend ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP)
Oct 25-29 San Francisco, SF DARPA QUOROM PI Meeting
[Prior records not available online]