CSE539 -- Applied Cryptography, Spring 2016


This is a set of bullet points, class slides, and audio, that summarizes the class coverage of material. By no means is this comprehensive or is a substitute for class notes and attendance. Also, updating of this page is not guaranteed to be frequent.

 This page will be updated as class progresses....

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Class 1:


         Administrivia, Cryptography, Grading, Course contents

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Class 2:

         Crypto Algorithms and Protocols

         Large Numbers, Prime numbers

         Random Numbers, hash functions, Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption

         Ceaser Cipher -- properties

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 3:

         Symmetric Encryption

         Vignere, Kasiski, Affine, Confusion, Diffusion

         Substitution, Permutation, Feistal

         ECB. CBC. CFB. OFB. CTR

         Kerckhoffs Principle

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Class 4:

         DES and how it works DES Specs, DES info, DES

         AES and how it works AES Operations

         |notes| PDF |no audio|


Class 5:


         Random Numbers

         PRNG and CSPRNG

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 6:

         Hash functions, Crypto Hashing . slides

         MD-5, SHA-1

         Birthday paradox and birthday attacks


         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 7:

         Steganography slide

         Encryption, legal issues, Clipper chip

         Merkles Puzzles explanation

         Diffie Helman Key exchange

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 8:

         Backdoor in encryption

         Diffie helman continued

         MITM attacks


         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 9:

         RSA continued

         Cryptographic protocols and pitfalls


         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 10


         Crypto Goals and techniques


         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 11


         Challenge Response

         Password storage/hash

         Dictionary and Rainbow tables

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 12

         Rainbow tables

         Secure communication problems and attempted fixes

         Digital signatures and certificates

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 13

         Digital Certificates

         Certificate Authorities

         Basic SSL

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 14

         SSL implementation details -- slides

         SSL Attacks

         Trust Ken Thompson paper, discussion

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 15

         Review for midterm

         Root of trust

         Buffer overflow -- program used


         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 16

         Smartcards continued

         RSA description

         RSA Properties see this

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 17

         The RSA claims and properties

         Primality Testing

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 18

         Find a and b with extended Euclidean Algo

         Primality Testing again

         Fast exponentition and RSA encryption

         Commutative encryption

         |notes| PDF |no audio|


Class 19

         Commutative encryption

         Mental Poker

         Homomorphic encryption computing with encrypted data

         Bit commitment

         |notes| PDF |no audio|


Class 20

         Proxy Signatures

         Group Signatures

         Existential Forgery

         Undeniable Signatures

         Blind Signatures

         Oblivious Transfer

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 21

         Millionaires Problem

         Socialist Millionaires Problem

         Off the record Messaging (OTR) 1. OTR Page 2. OTR protocol 3. Explanation

         Secret splitting/sharing

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 22

         Secure Multiparty Computation

         Secret Sharing


         Dining Cryptographers- DC Net Onion routing

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 23

         Randomized Response Technique

         Subliminal channels

         One way accumulators

         Zero knowledge Proofs

         Graph isomorphism, Authentication (FFS)

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 24

         Parallel and Interactive ZKP

         Anonymous Money Orders

         Simultaneous Contract Signing

         BITCOIN - intro

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 25

         BITCOIN slides

         ECC 1. simple explanation, 2. good video

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 26

         Secure Election Protocols

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 27

         Digital Cash

         |notes| PDF |audio|


Class 28

         Chaffing and Winnowing: Confidentiality without Encryption paper


         |notes| PDF |audio|