CSE 531: Multiprocessor and Distributed Operating Systems
- Fall 2014

Video Lectures were recorded Fall 2012.

Instructor: Partha Dasgupta (click for contact and office hours info)
Class: ART 246 10:30a-11:45a (Mon = Section 1, Wed = Section 2)

TA:  Yuan Wang (Yuan.Wang.4 at asu)
TA Offce hrs: Th and Fri 10:30a-12:30p @ BY 428

Mid Term Exam: October 22 (WED) – PSH 150
Final Exam:
 Monday, Dec 8 - 9:50 - 11:40 AM (as per ASU Schedule)
Final Exam Location: SCOB 250 <<<- note

[Exams are open book, open notes. Computers allowed but no Internet]


- Final grades

Sample Exercise
Sample Exam

All exams will be open book, open notes. The scores will be curved for grade assignment. Peer discussion of project – but be careful that you work out your solutions. Any impropriety in projects and exams will be treated seriously.
- project: 30%
- midterm: 30%
- final: 40%
(Finals exam is comprehensive)


This is the jump page for CSE531/Fall 2014. This is a graduate course in Operating Systems and will cover internal, conceptual and theoretical topics of modern operating systems. Follow the links to get to the course resources, handouts, homeworks and projects.

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The class synopsis page is an important resource, and it contains details of each class and class notes. (with Audio!!)
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Student Academic Integrity Policy:

Additional Reading material:
Multiprocessor Operating Systems
Readers and Writers
FAQ on Threads
Threads explained
POSIX Threads Programming [Los Alamos] [IBM]
Implementing user level threads (actual code)
CC-NUMA Operating System
Network Operating Systems
Time, Events and Distributed Locking (Lamport)
Distributed Snapshots (Chandy, Lamport)