CSE 330:  Operating Systems
Fall 2016

Instructor: Partha Dasgupta

Class Room: MUR 201
Time: TuTh 3:00p-4:15p
Office Hours see home page

- Alekhya Cheruvu <acheruvu at asu >,
Mon: 6p-7p BYAC 110
Tu 12-1p BYAC 190
Wed 12-1p BYAC 110
Wed 4-5p BYAC 190

- Indranil Sur <isur2 at asu> Fri 10-11a Centerpoint
- Saili Bakare <ssbakare at asu> Mon: 12:30-2:30 lab Lab at BY 428
- Bhargavi Rajagopalan <brajago5 at asu> Tue: 11:30-12:30 Lab at BY 428
- Omkar Harishchandra Salvi <osalvi at asu> Mon 11:30-12:30 Lab at BY 428

Mid Term Exam: Thu Oct 20th in class
Final Exam (comprehensive):
Tue Dec 6, 2:30 4:20 PM (as per ASU Schedule)
[Exams are open book, open notes. Computers allowed but no Internet]
- Operating System Concepts, Silberschatz, Gagne, Galvin
[Old editions of this book are fine]

Although discussing homework/project problems with peers is acceptable -- be careful that you work out your solutions.
Any impropriety in homeworks and exams will be treated very seriously.

Assignments: 30%
Mid Term: 30%
Final: 40%


This is the home page for CSE330. The course is a somewhat basic, conceptual course on Operating Systems Follow the links to get to the course resources, handouts, homeworks and projects.

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