CSE 230/EEE 230:
Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
Spring 2011 (sections 1 and 2)


Instructor: Partha Dasgupta (click for contact info)


Section 1 – BYAC 110 Time: TuTh 4:30 - 5:45p

Section 2 – Coor 174 Time: TuTh 3:00 - 4:15p

Teaching Assistants: (name, room, email, time)

1.       Xinhui.Hu, BYENG 498 AD, 
Xinhui.Hu at asu,
 Friday 2:00-5:00pm

2.       Yuan Wang,  BYENG221,
Yuan.Wang.4 at asu, TuTh 10:30-12noon.

Mid Term Exam:  March 22nd in class

Final Exam:  (as per ASU Schedule)

Section 1 – Tue May 10th, 2:30-4:20p (BYAC)
Section 2 – Thu May 5th, 12:10-2:00p



This is the jump page for CSE/EEE 230 (Spring 2011). The course will cover concepts of Computer Organization and teach assembly programming for the MIPS CPU.

Textbook: Computer Organization and Design, The Hardware/Software Interface ((4th Edition is recommended as it is “much better”). The CD is not needed.

The class synopsis page is an important resource, and it contains details of each class, reference material and class notes:
>> class synopsis for students. (with Audio!!)

 Discussion Group (This is a forum for discussions and communication with your peers as well as with the instructor/TA )

The MARS Simulator. Download this program for your projects. It is a JAVA program contained in a “.jar” file and should run on all MacOS, Lunux and Windows. You must have Java installed (else install Java from www.java.com). A sample program to get you started.
The list of syscall functions and instructions on how to use.