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Dynamic Coalitions

A “Coalition” is a collection of entities (organizations, counties, corporations and so on) that share resources and information to achieve a set of common goals, of course in a controlled way, with plenty of prejudice. The participants have varying amounts of trust amongst each other and such partnerships and trusts change dynamically. Dynamic Coalitions enables a set of partners to work together while sharing information, resources, and capabilities in a controlled and an accountable fashion. The partners themselves are organizations composed of people, departments, computational entities, and agents who perform tasks consistent with the internal rules of their organization.

 Coalitions are supported by several innovative techniques such as transitive delegation, cryptographic file systems, capacity sandboxing, reverse sandboxing, and fine-grained access control. These techniques facilitate scalable authentication and revocable authorization of agent computations even when they span resources of different organizations. In addition, they improve overall efficiency by permitting migration of computations to, and a caching of services in, partly trusted environments of another organization

 More Information: A preliminary paper is here (PDF).

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