The 21st International Conference on 
Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS-21)
April 16-19, 2001. 
Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona, USA
All your research are belong to us

Post Conference Report

The conference (and workshops) were held in Phoenix/Mesa, April 16-19th 2001.

Attendance: Over 270
Success: Yes
Glitches: Some

Overall, the conference was a success in terms of attendance, quality and finances. We received many kudos, here are some samples:

  1. Thanks again for all your work on ICDCS-21. It went spectacularly well, in not only my view but those of lots of attendees I chatted with.
  2. I want to congratulate you on the running of icdcs. It was a very good program and very enjoyable conference.
  3. Congratulations for the very nice program and organization you provided, Phoenix is a great success

For slides used by the keynote speakers click here.

For some of the glitches click here.

Thank you

Partha and Wei Zhao