The 21st International Conference on 
Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS-21)
April 16-19, 2001. 
Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona, USA
All your research are belong to us




Paper Presentations: 
A projector connected to a computer, with PowerPoint installed will be available at all sessions. This is the preferred mode of presentation. Please bring your talk on a floppy disk (bring multiple copies on good quality floppies).

Overhead projector will also be available. Talks should be limited to 23 mins, with 5 mins for questions, and 2 mins for "setup".

Poster Presentations:
Each presenter will be provided with a panel that can fits 12 pages comfortably and possibly up to 15 pages. The panel is 3' high by 4' wide, with a middle section of 2'x3' and two flaps on the sides of 1'x3' each. It looks as follows: