The 21st International Conference on 
Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS-21)
April 16-19, 2001. 
Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona, USA
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ICDCS is an IEEE Computer Society sponsored premier conference with a wide coverage of topics in Distributed Computing. It has a long history of significant achievements and worldwide visibility.
The conference is over. For a post-conference report, click here
Areas of Interest Call For papers (deadline over)
- Distributed Algorithms, 
- Distributed Operating Systems, 
- Distributed Databases, 
- Distributed Software Engineering,
- Security, 
- Internet Technologies, 
- Middleware, 
- Network Protocols, 
- Mobile Computing
- Real-time Systems, 
- Fault Tolerance and Distributed
- Agent Systems


Program Committee

There are five workshops held along with the conference. 72 papers and 16 posters are scheduled for presentation. The program is here

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ICDCS History: 
ICDCS was known as "DCS" till 1991. The DCS conference was founded by Professor Ming T. (Mike) Liu in 1979. The past conference locations were:
2000. Taipei, Taiwan  1999. Austin, TX. 1998. Amsterdam
1997. Baltimore, MD. 1996: Hong Kong 1995: Vancouver,  Canada 
1994: Poznan, Poland 1993: Pittsburgh, PA. 1992: Yokohama, Japan 
1991: Arlington, TX. 1990: Paris, France  1989: Newport Beach, CA.
1988: San Jose, CA. 1987: Berlin, Germany  1986: Cambridge, MA.
1985: Denver, CO.  1984: San Francisco 1983 Hollywood, FL
1981 Versailles, France 1979: Huntsville, AL
ICDCS Future:
(subject to change):
2002: Vienna, Austria.
2003: Providence, RI
2004: Keio University, Japan